More about the company

Solargo OÜ

Solargo OÜ is a renewable energy solutions company founded on June 3, 2020, whose main activity is the installation of solar panels and battery solutions.

Argo Kihulane, founder of Solargo OÜ, has experience in building solar parks since 2016. He has built over half a thousand private houses and a dozen industrial buildings, and we have also installed large solar farms.

Solargo OÜ’s installation team is made up of experienced experts who can handle even the most complex project. We are ready to help our customers with advice, design and installation!

We meet with our clients to help them define their goals, assess their options and make informed and confident decisions. We take care of the whole process from concept to design, permitting, installation and monitoring to ensure that the use of solar energy is smooth and hassle-free..

Our mission is to create an energy efficient and green world.

  • To be the closest and most reliable to the customer.

  • We constantly focus on innovation.

  • Nothing is insurmountable.

The team

Argo Kihulane

Chief Executive Officer / Board Member